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We help organisations to respond to challenges associated with increasingly complex system design, acquisition, test, and maintenance needs.


At the heart of our services is a technical team that holds a wealth of experience in highly complex industries and provides a specialist technical consultancy service around systems thinking approaches, programme management, systems and software development, and systems engineering.

Our services and value extends throughout our training course portfolio, where we offer a range of formal and bespoke training packages that will empower your people to drive innovation in your organisation.  Our approach focuses on cultivating the power of collaboration and we team with complementary business partners in addition to our active membership with industry bodies.

Large and Complex  Systems

Manage a high degree of complexity.

We have a unique depth of experience in the engineering of large and complex systems that helps programme teams embrace big-picture thinking in systems development whilst allowing for interfaces and component systems to be engineered independently.

We have undertaken fundamental research into the engineering of complex systems that has given us a unique insight into comprehensive, cost-effective, and practical processes that we apply on behalf of our Customers.

Our solutions and methods offer end-to-end life-cycle coverage and allow teams to better specify, implement, test, and sustain complex systems. By working with us, our customers gain better control, develop a sophisticated approach to governance and are able to demonstrate compliance through the use of systems thinking.

Systems Thinking

Fundamental to successful systems and software development.

Our consultancy and support services focus on the role that systems thinking plays with an organisation and how this can be developed and improved to achieve wider commercial objectives. Central to our services is our team of specialists. We have some of the UK's most recognised technical specialists who offer years of industry experience and unrivalled knowledge of systems thinking processes and tools.

We deliver our services by embedding ourselves within development teams or an off-site call-out basis.

Manging Complexity

As the pace of change across many industries increases, development processes have adapted to a world where requirements can change at any stage of the life cycle.

This article looks at the benefits of using systems engineering methods as a means of managing a high degree of complxity.

Managing Complexity
Why use Systems Engineering?

Systems engineering is about drawing on the science of finding patterns in organised complexity, and the emergent properties of a whole, rather than the specific behaviour of individual components.

This article introduces systems engineering as a key enabler in high-growth industries.

Why use Systems Engineering



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