Tool-Supported Engineering

We partner with some of the leading suppliers of engineering development tools to give our customers access to robust and powerful functions that automate, accelerate, improve, and adapt engineering programmes.

Tool-Supported Engineering


Engineering Lifecycle Management solutions

Rising product complexity is challenging engineering teams to deliver products to market faster than the competition. If you are not already embracing digital engineering and end-to-end engineering approach, now is the time to consider digital transformation.

As an IBM® Gold Business Partner, we provide application licenses, knowledge, experience and flexible delivery mechanisms to provide our Customers with a deep understanding of the software solution that is right for them, to ensure they can maximise effectiveness.

We give our customers access to IBM® tools which manage requirements, compliance, cange and configuration to lower development costs and get to market faster. 


Collaborative Hybrid Systems Engineering 

CHASE is our approach to bringing together AGILE and Systems Engineering management philosophies to deliver the value benefits of both.

Doing CHASE well requires excellence in both Agile and Systems Engineering processes, a unique tool configuration, and skills among team members to allow these techniques to work together effectively.

Done right, we believe it could be a major step forward across highly complex and rapidly growing markets. 


System and Software Interoperability

Systems Process for Interoperability Requirements & Implementation Testing. A holistic, integrated approach to the specification, installation and testing of complex data interfaces.

Achievement of interoperability requires a structured approach, a clear expression of information exchange requirements, auditable compliance to requirements standards and through-life support.

SPIRIT is our process for system and platform through-life interoperability management, offering a systematic process for multi-agent specifications, test creation and management.

The tool allows teams to manage standards, requirements and implementation with one end-to-end solution. 



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