SyntheSys at Energy 2023 Online Conference

We are exhibiting and presenting at the Shell Alumni Network (SAN) Energy 2023 conference. The event is open to all - click here to go to the event website.

Details of the Shell Alumni Network Energy 2023 conference

Digital Engineering for the Energy Transition

This paper, which we present at Energy 2023, explores the interconnectedness of complex systems, focusing on the economy and the natural world, and the challenges posed by climate change. It emphasises the need for systems thinking and Systems Engineering (SE) to understand and effectively manage these complexities. SE offers valuable insights by considering the emergent properties of whole systems rather than individual components, enabling modelling, prediction, management, and problem-solving. The integration of modern software tools, including digital engineering and artificial intelligence, enhances SE capabilities, resulting in improved quality, reduced errors, and addressing skills shortages.  Click here for a PDF of the paper.

Download a PDF of our 'Digital Engineering for the Energy Transition' paper

Click here for a PDF download of the slides from our Energy 2023 presentation.

Download a PDF of the slides from our Energy 2023 presentation 'Digital Engineering for the Energy Transition'

Everything is a System

You may be interested in our e-book, which is a available on Amazon for a reduce price (less than $1) for the period of the Energy 2023 conference.  It provides a comprehensive and accessible guide to understanding the principles of systems thinking and systems engineering. The book delves into the concept of a 'system', explaining how the properties of the whole can emerge from the properties of its parts, and how this principle applies to both physical and non-physical entities.  Go to the Amazon page here.

Link to Amazon web-page to purchase 'Everything is a System' e-book

SyntheSys Research Offering

Download our offering pack to learn more about how we enable organisations to respond to challenges associated with increasingly complex system design, acquisition, test and maintenance needs.  Download here.

Download the SyntheSys Research offering document.

SyntheSys Technologies Brochure

SyntheSys Technologies provide tools, services, and training to promote high-quality, cost-effective systems engineering in government and industry around the world. Our innovative approach makes us first choice supplier for both large and small organisations.  Download the brochure here.

Download a PDF of the SyntheSys Technologies brochure.

SyntheSys Defence Brochure

SyntheSys Defence provides world-leading military information and communications systems engineering services.  We specialise in operations analysis, interoperability management, requirements engineering, and test and evaluation services.  Download our brochure here.

Download the SyntheSys defence brochure



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