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We offer a range of training courses and solutions in specialist areas from Communications Systems to Project Management.


Communications Security (COMSEC) Training

Our 3-day COMSEC training raises awareness of the role of COMSEC within organisations and will be of particular interest to personnel who interact, manage or operate classified or highly sensitive systems or information.

The course introduces elements of communications systems and goes on to look at COMSEC objectives, whilst considering different threats, how to identify trusted platforms and how to protect communications.

The course details the various security infrastructures, transmission types, protection protocols and network access authentications required in order to develop, implement and maintain effective COMSEC.

To download the full syllabus, click here.

Information Security (INFOSEC) Training

During this 3-day course, you will learn how to identify, mitigate, and manage information risks by developing an understanding of the principles of effective INFOSEC.

The course begins by building a firm foundation of knowledge around core principles and information risks.  We then advance to explore INFOSEC frameworks, including standards, governance, and legal aspects.

Delegates can expect to learn more about technical controls and software testing and developing.  We look how the people in your organisation are impacted and how to adjust behaviour through training.  Business continuity and physical security forms a significant part of the course.  These themes are tied together with an overview on business continuity; we will also give you the tools needed to execute through investigation and teach you how to use cryptography as a key component of INFOSEC.

To download the full syllabus, click here.

Radio Propagation

This 3-day course explores how radio waves travel from one point to another.  In understanding these complex concepts, individuals can better develop, implement, and maintain associated radio and communication systems.

​This course is suitable for those who require a thorough understanding of in-depth concepts associated with electromagnetic waves, propagation modifiers, ionospheric influences, antennas and radio systems.

To download the full syllabus, click here.

Communications Systems

A comprehensive 4-day course which provides the knowledge and tools to understand commercial and military utilisation of communications systems.

The early stage of the course explores different types of communications whilst considering modulation and multiplexing, electromagnetic spectra and bandwidth.  We lay a firm foundation of knowledge through teachings around gain, attenuation, and decibels.

We put the spotlight on themes such as amplitude and frequency modulation, digital techniques, transmitters, and receivers.  We explore all associated concepts and themes in terms of modulation and transmission.  Students can also expect to learn about propagation.

As the course progresses, we channel this baseline knowledge into different forms of communications (internet, microwave, satellite, telecommunications, optical, cell phones).

The course puts emphasis on wireless communications and finishes with test and measurement approaches, tools, and best practice.

To download the full syllabus, click here.

Signal Processing

In engineering terms, signal processing has transformed the way we send, receive, modify and analyse various signal formats and other measures.  This 5-day course provides a comprehensive overview of signal processing through introduction, exploration, and knowledge-transfer of key themes.

The course focuses on signals, systems and signal processing and facilitates students to classify the different signal types.  We explore frequency analysis, signal transformation, digital signalling, linear filters and prediction and adaptive filters.

To download the full syllabus, click here.


This 1-day course explores the fundamentals of waveforms by giving a definition and some examples.  It shines a spotlight on Fourier analysis, amplitude modulation, frequency modulation and digital techniques.

To download the full syllabus, click here.

Military Communications

This 3-day course details the full scope of communications methods and approaches in a military context.  On setting a foundation built on information-centric warfare and the implications of technology development, we look at scenario-based planning in a Command & Control (C2) context.

We delve into the need for situational and context awareness as a key driver for different forms of military communication systems and approaches.

Delegates can expect to understand the rigorous requirement for communications systems within the military and we will look at some common military communication systems (such as Link 16, Link 22 and Variable Message Format (VMF)).

The course details the need and use of radio waves, wireless sensor networks, unmanned and aerial ground platforms.

To download the full syllabus, click here.

Tactical Data Link (TDL) Training

The successful development and operation of TDL systems involves a broad range of disciplines: procurement officials; project managers; engineers and end-users.  Our training courses are balanced to meet those requirements by providing stimulating and thought-provoking lessons that challenge each attendee to want to learn more.

This course is taught by our colleagues at SyntheSys Defence.   Their courses are created in accordance with Allied TDL Publication (ATDLP)-5.55 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) training standards and include:

• An introduction to TDLs
• Link 11
• Link 22
• Variable Message Format (VMF)
• Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS) Link 16
• Joint Range Extension Application Protocol (JREAP)
• MIDS Link 16 Network Design and Management
• Data Link Manager (DLM) / Interface Control Officer (ICO)
• Advanced Network Design
• Identification Friend or Foe / Secondary Surveillance Radar (IFF/SSR)

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Systems Engineering Training

As International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) Endorsed Training Providers, we offer a range of systems engineering training courses which drive innovation, customer satisfaction and quality within your organisation by up-skilling your staff.

This course is taught by our colleagues at SyntheSys Technologies.  Their systems engineering training courses include:

• Systems Engineering Foundation
• INCOSE Systems Engineering Professional Examination Preparation
• Requirements Writing Training
• Systems Engineering Tool Training
• IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management tools training

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Online Project Management Training

Our expertise in project and programme management extends beyond our traditional services and we offer project management training across several different defence and civilian organisations.

Our specialist courses include:

• PRojects IN Controlled Environments (PRINCE) 2;
• Agile Project Management;
• The Association of Project Management Introductory Certification.

The interactive nature of our learning solutions enhances an individual’s learning experience which results in more effective project managers and improves overall project results.

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